Pre Engineered Building (PEB)

KS Tech Solutions, supplies a complete range of Metal Building Systems - PEB – Pre-Engineered Building , on turnkey basis from design, engineering, supply and installation.

KS Tech Solutions, also supplies metal building components like Metal Roof & Wall Cladding, Z-Purling, Skylights – Polycarbonate & FRP, Puff Panels, Turbo Ventilators, Bubble Insulation, etc.

Metal Building Systems - Pre-Engineered Building (PEB), consists of a complete Steel- Framed Building System, with components pre-designed to fit together in a vast variety of combinations to meet the unique requirements of specific end-users to provide design flexibility , cost options and time minimization.

PEB construction in factory environment is considered to be much stronger than the traditional structures.

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  • Warehouses
  • Commercial Complexes
  • Factories
  • Cold Storages
  • Sports Complexes
  • Stadium
  • Gas Station
  • Bus Shelter
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Shopping Malls, etc.


  • Quick Installation at site.
  • Building up to three floors.
  • Architectural Versatility.
  • Aesthetic Look.
  • Low maintenance required.
  • Easy Future Expansion.
  • 100% Recycle.
  • Eco friendly

Our Expertise :

  • In house design & engineering facilities.
  • Team of highly qualified, skilled, experienced & well trained engineers.
  • Completely automated manufacturing facilities.
  • Benchmark is International Quality standards.
  • Total Productivity Management.
  • Exact scheduling to provide committed & fast delivery.


Primary Framing Systems:
Primary framing consists of all structural elements which transfer load to the foundation andcomprises of :
  • Rigid frames : Rigid frames consists of built-up welded members. Frames are complemented by flange bracing, connection bolts & anchor bolts.
  • End Wall Frames : End wall frames consists of either built-up welded, hot rolled or cold rolled columns which supports rafters, complemented by wind bracing, if required.
  • Wind Bracing : Wind bracing provides longitudinal stability for the building.
  • Crane Bracket : Crane brackets support the crane beams and are fixed to the column flanges.
  • Mezzanine Floor : Intermediate mezzanine floors are possible in metal buildings.
Secondary Framing Systems:
Secondary framing consists of elements which support the roof and wall sheeting and transfer load to the primary framing. These includes, Roof Purlins, Wall Grits, Eave Struts Clips, etc.

Roof Purlins & Wall Grits are cold formed Z-profiled sections or C-profiled sections.

Roof and Wall Cladding System :

Coated steel will typically have a metallic layer ( aluminum , zinc & silicon ) applied through a continuous hot-dip process on the steel base to provide corrosion resistance. It may then be painted to improve its aesthetics and enhance corrosion resistance.

Standard Confirmation - AS 2728, AS 1397 and IS 14246, IS 513, IS 277.
  • Bare Galvalume Sheets (Al- Zn alloy coated steel).
  • Color Coated Galvalume Sheets (Pre-Painted Al – Zn alloy coated steel).
  • P.P.G.I. Sheets (Pre- Painted Galvanized Iron).
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